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Hi Sidney, you captured the typical
life in the province so lay back simple,happy and stress free. Filo
folks has always been such a sport
to agree for photo shoots good on them. I'm here in Australia and seeing those photos are indeed heartwarming. I like heaps the photo of pinoy food the rice in banana leaves and oh gabe leaves in coconut milk makes me hanker for it. Thanks for sharing your

Africa Photos

Well, I like your photos. They really show how these people like and it is very interesting. Your compositions are cool. Ml, Bela Kozma

Africa Photos

Well, I like your photos. They really show how these people like and it is very interesting. Your compositions are cool. Ml, Bela Kozma


As I continue to admire your site I also continue to develop a deeper admiration for your work. It is amazing how a push of a button can portray such in depth feeling. Realistically I will never see what you have seen but am thankful to see it through your eyes. Your talent never ceases to amaze me!


je viens de regarder tes photos de nourriture. elles m'ont fait faim. je dois prendre petit déjeuner. la dernière photo. qu'est-ce que cela?


i like your series. they reflection on everyday lifestyle. i specially like the first photo of the two little girl. that photo is all abou the innocient moment.


What life these persons take. Places of canes of bamboo remains torn into pieces of cyclones, winds and water enter the window and take this paradise to him.
They live in the gigantic throat of the land. But they gather also the fruits of the land and the sea. Near to a paradise without stable home.^.


Was it delicious? the colourful plastic plate looks so out of place in a traditional meal :).


I love the idea of eating meals on banana leaves. We do that in the province. When my lola was still alive, she would prepare an elaborate feast on banana leaves. I loved her food presentations.


as alway you capturing the simple life with beautifull eyes, i like those children


Nothing like home cooking, is there! :)


rice on banana yum!! kinda traditional:-) great shots


Looks like a tremendous feast being made and served! Excellent!


Chaque jour ,c'est un grand plaisir de vous faire une petite visite !!!!


who need an expensive LPG, we have enough woods to use :) cool pictures


A fine series. I was wondering what the man working is working on in a mortar and pestle looking dish.


hi, sidney. as always, wonderful shots. i love how everyone is always willing to give you a smile.


These pictures make me hungry! ;-)


Another great series Sidney. You know I now make it a point to refer my friends who want to know more about the current situation in the Philippines to visit your blog instead of reading propaganda blogs and news.

You are a great photojournalist Sidney, one of the best I have known. You are doing a great service to the Filipino people.

Thank you for being there and for seeing, capturing and sharing. You have beautiful eyes, a quick camera and a big heart for your subjects.


rural photography a lot being involved, the activities that I in Europe never do not see


Wow! The rural life! I would just want to dig in to that meal with my bare hands.

Ashish Sidapara

Just had breakfast, hungry again ;-)


It's good to see that even though these people may not have much, they can still enjoy their lives to the fullest.


I haven't seen people serving rice on banana leaves anymore and the photos are just awesome Sidney!



Wow, love the kitchen.

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